Mt. Rainier Over Lake Tapps

I never get tired of looking at Mt. Rainier. I grew up here, and I’m used to larger mountain ranges, and it still never gets old. It’s funny to watch people come to visit from what I like to call “flat states” like Texas…Arizona…at least in my experience there isn’t much more than an occasional bump on the horizon. They look at it with the amazement of a child, and laugh at our phrase “the mountain isn’t out today” whenever its hidden by clouds.

It’s so massive, and ever-changing in appearance as winter snows come and go, and the foothills seem to appear and disappear depending on so many factors in the weather. My favorite time of day is just before sunset, when it often stains deep pink for a few moments before retiring to a dark blue giant at dusk and then disappearing from view entirely for the night.

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