NIBIO – Creating Liveable Space for Your Lifestyle


NIBIO – Creating Liveable Space for Your Lifestyle


Home Office – Before


Home Office – After

NIBIO is owned by Nicolette Bouw. She is an architect, interior designer and organizer, and she enjoys combining all 3.

She works alongside homeowners who either want a new look with new furniture, or with homeowners who are overwhelmed with clutter. Her motto is: “Creating Livable Space For Your Lifestyle.”

As an architect, she designs new floor plans with 3-D models, mood boards, furniture arrangements, shopping lists and color schemes for her clients. She designs family rooms, formal rooms, home and commercial offices, bathrooms, master closets, mud rooms and more.

As an organizer, she helps her clients with de-cluttering, sorting, organizing of belongings and setting up maintainable systems. Organizing a room is a team-effort; she will help and guide them, ask them questions, and assist them in the process and decision making.  After the session, the space (and their minds) will be transformed into an organized paradise.

Here are links to the latest projects:

Have you been looking to have a more functional and beautiful home, but just need a little extra help? Reach out to NIBIO! Nicolette guarantees that she will turn your home into the oasis you deserve!


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Tower Garden – Grow Your Own Food!



Tower Garden – Grow Your Own Food!

Tower Garden - Grow Your Own Food

It’s a fact: people who garden eat more fruits and vegetables than people who don’t. So one of the best ways to get your family to eat more fruits and vegetables is to grow your own.

One reason is simple: convenience. When you have fresh, delicious, vine-ripened produce within arm’s reach, you’re simply more likely to eat it – and more of it. Another reason is that homegrown fruits and vegetables simply taste better, look better, and even smell better – something that’s particularly true with Tower Garden.

Also, when we see fruits and vegetables in the store, many of us don’t think so much about how they got there. But much of the produce we buy and eat today is picked well before it ripens, so it never reaches its peak of flavor and nutrition. By the time we see it on the supermarket shelf, it’s days or sometimes even weeks old, so it loses even more of its taste and nutritional benefit.

This is actually one important reason why so many of us today don’t enjoy eating fruits and vegetables – and why Tower Garden can help your family enjoy an even healthier diet.

Have you been wanting to have your own garden, but don’t have a yard to do it in? Click this link and connect with Barb Shultz to get information on starting your very own Tower Garden:

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Computer Service Center of Bonney Lake

Computer Service Center


Heidi North Homes would like to  congratulate Computer Service Center of Bonney Lake for receiving the Bonney Lake Chamber of Commerce 2013 Excellence In Customer Service award!  Computer Services Center of Bonney Lake is a superstar in the community!  Their focus on the customer is evident from the moment you walk through the door for your free diagnosis!  We all know the feeling following the dreaded error message that roughly translates into “your computer is broken!”  Having a solid and trusted resource to turn to at that time is priceless! Not only does this local business operate with a high level of expertise in the area, they are also do business with integrity!

The services that they provide are:

Free Diagnostics
Custom-built Systems
Network Design & Repair
Data Backup & Data Recovery
Laptop & Desktop Repairs

Further distinguishing Computer Services Center form the competition is their view of who the boss is!

“There is only one boss and whether a person shines shoes for a living or heads up the biggest corporation in the world, the boss remains the same. IT’S THE CUSTOMER. He is the person who pays everyone’s salary and who decides whether a business is going to succeed or fail.”  …Computer Services Center

For more information or to connect with Computer Services Center on Facebook use the links below


Monkeybug Vinyl Custom Gifts

Monkeybug Vinyl



Jen Needham is a self-described crafty mom from Kent, Washington who is definitely great at what she does!  She has started her own one stop shop for vinyl decals and custom gifts called Monkeybug Vinyl. Jen explained to us that, “I made a few shirts for my daughter a couple of years ago and fell in love. It’s so fun to see how much kids (and adults) love something made just for them.”

This unique online store has an amazing selection of adorable and affordable custom gifts and endless possibilities for design it yourself custom projects.  Moneybug Vinyl currently features designs for water bottles, Halloween candy bags, shirts, onsies, aprons, nail decals, bags, backpacks, doll clothes, bibs, wall pictures, signs, and car decals.  Pricing varies but is VERY affordable.  Baby and kids shirts are starting at about $15.  Adult shirts go for about $18.

Jen told us about a very special project that she recently took on:

“The last one, the badge… that one was really
special. It was a surprise gift for a firefighters son. The family absolutely
loved it. Being able to give such a beloved, special gift.. is wonderful”


If you have any custom gift ideas that you have been pondering we really encourage you to share them with Jen.  She is amazing at taking your idea and turning it into a high quality gift that is just what you had in mind.  All you have to do it contact her on facebook and watch your idea and watch it come to life!  Baby shower, housewarming, holiday, thank you and any other type of gift you can imagine becomes so much more meaningful when it is personalized!

Monkeybug Vinyl

We would like to congratulate Jen and Monkeybug Vinyl for recently reaching 1000 likes on facebook!  Also we invite you to like them at You can view her full store and shop online at :




Health Coaching 8 Essentials for Vitality

8 Essentials for Vitality Health Coaching

How do you know if you need health coaching?  Ask yourself the following questions.  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Are you passing on unhealthy habits to your kids?  Do you feel addicted to your unhealthy lifestyle?  Do you need support to get on track?  The answer isn’t another diet, it’s a LIFESTYLE!  My friend Emmie Perez is a professional health coach and would love to equip you with the tools to build a better, healthier, longer life.  And starting now, she’s enrolling a few select people in a summer challenge you don’t want to miss! You might wonder exactly what health coaching is…

 What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching focuses on the individual’s current health with an emphasis on taking action!   The relationship between Health Coach and client is a partnership.  Health Coaching is collaborating with the client and helping them stay accountable, and motivated.   Health Coaching assists clients in making practical decisions about moving forward and empowering them to take responsibility for their health. 

With 8 Essentials for Vitality Health Coaching, clients meet with their coach in person or by phone weekly for 30 or 60 minutes. Objectives are established and a plan of action is devised and implemented.  During your Health Coaching consultations you talk about your goals and your vision for your health and then we do it!  This is a solution-focused approach to your health!

How many times have you tried to lose weight or change your eating habits on your own?  Maybe you were able to see some success but stopped before crossing the finish line and achieving your ultimate health goal. Sticking with any meal plan for the long term can be difficult even for the most motivated person!  That’s why it is imperative to have someone in your corner providing nutritional guidance, keeping you on task, and breaking down your overall goals into attainable ones. 8 Essentials for Vitality Health Coaching will  help you achieve Vitality!


8 Essentials for Vitality

What do you want to accomplish this summer?

Now through July 1st is open enrollment for a weight loss competition that Emmie is hosting.  Each entry of $75 will get free health coaching! is the email to contact her and take the first step towards the best you!

8 Essentials for Vitality

Spartan Rooter and Plumbing

Spartan Rooter and Plumbing

Spartan Rooter

Spartan Rooter is a great local family owned business that we would like to recognize!  At Heidi North Homes we love local businesses. Few businesses are as valuable as a good plumber when the need arises.

Spartan Rooter was founded in 1958 as a family owned company.  Marv and his son Mason are the second family to own Spartan Services, Inc.  They have continued the founding principle of Spartan Rooter by providing the highest quality professional service at competitive prices to residential and commercial customers.  They serve Pierce, Thurston, and South King counties.  Spartan Rooter has been awarded with Angie’s list Super Service Award for 6 years.  Spartan Rooter is a full service plumbing company providing 24/7 emergency service for the same low rate!  They handle all service plumbing needs including drain /sewer line cleaning and locating, pipe burstng, camera inspection of sewer lines, hot water heater repair and replacement, and kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Heidi North Homes applauds Spartan Rooter’s integrity!  It is nearly impossible to find a plumber that is willing to do 24/7 emergency plumbing at the same rate that they offer for normal business hours!  Many plumning companies charge nearly double their rates for middle of the night or weekend visits.  This is just one of many ways that we feel that Spartan Rooter stands out above the crowd.

Their Account representative, Dean Sloan, is pleased to serve many local property management companies and restaurants.  So whether you manage a large apartment complex or simply have a leaky faucet, please feel free to give Spartan a call (253) 472-6629 or visit their website at  You can also check out many do it yourself and informational videos on by searching Spartan Rooter.

Office Phone: 253-472-6629



Life’s Flix- An Incredibly Innovative Company

Life's Flix Cams Ready

Bring your memories to life with Life’s Flix!

At Heidi North Homes there is nothing we love more than an innovative and creative local business!  We have found yet another one that we are crazy about and can’t wait to share with you!  Life’s Flix is a one of a kind do-it-yourself videography service where you get to have all the fun and they do all the work.  You get to be the star, the director, and the producer of your memories and they do all of the tedious and “techy” work of editing, preserving, and distributing them.  They disburse digital video cameras at your event, collect them afterward, and then edit and compile a video of your memories.  Russel Silva the owner and creator best tells the story of how they came to be. In this excerpt he discusses wedding days, although their services can be used for any special event you can dream of! Birthdays, retirement, family reunion, vacation, graduation… you name it!

LIFE’S FLIX – Capturing the Moments…

My wife and I got married about a year ago. It was a fun, beautiful wedding that

was only missing one thing. We skipped hiring a videographer to save both a few

thousand dollars and the awkwardness of another camera intruding all day. Now,

memories of the day drift away into fleeting images and scattered photos, leaving

my bride to watch her friends’ wedding videos and wish.


If we only had a video…

That’s why we started Life’s Flix. Not only is it a completely original, unobtrusive

take on wedding videography; it’s affordable, interactive, and adds to everyone’s

wedding experience. The concept is simple and easy: You shoot, we edit.

Here’s how it works: You book your package online or by phone and we send you

5 or 10 high-definition, handheld video cameras, smaller than most cell phones.

Think of it as the video edition of placing disposable cameras on reception tables.

Each camera holds up to one hour of fun, personal footage from your guests’

unique perspectives, complete with the personal touch of your friends and family.

Maybe your maid of honor has one camera that’s been tagging along all morning

as you eat breakfast and get your hair done (and sip a mimosa.) Then, she catches

mom tearing up as she watches you slip into your white dress. Later, she shoots

behind-the-scenes shots of the newlyweds at dinner – complete with those

impossibly perfect, candid moments. Memories, otherwise forgotten or unnoticed.

Maybe a groomsman has another camera. He manages a few shots of the guys

taking shots that morning. Then, a raw moment where your groom says he’s not

nervous, but you look into his eyes now and know better. Later, the same camera

rolls from a distance as the groom takes a first look at his bride. Priceless.

Maybe Uncle Stu has another camera. He’s bored anyways, since he would

probably rather be home watching the game. Now, he has a job to do – shoot

everything important. He crouches down to get the perfect shots of the wedding

party and you walk down the aisle. Then, he catches a great shot of the first kiss.

Maybe your 15-year-old niece has another camera. She uses her time getting closeups

of all the flowers and decorations. Then, she grabs footage of all the guests

dancing and having a good time – including Grandma “doing the mashed potato.”

Maybe a family friend (without a plus-one) runs another camera to add to the

masterpiece. She gets a different angle of the whole ceremony so nothing is

missed. Later, she wanders the reception asking people to give best wishes to the

newlyweds in a sort of video guestbook. Everyone puts in his or her two cents and

now it’s on video forever. And, she even makes a few new friends for herself.

You capture life’s moments at your wedding or event. We edit it all together into an

amazing memory you’ll watch for the rest of your life. See more:

– Russell Silva, Owner & Creative Director

Life's Flix Finished ProductLife's Flix Video Editing

For more information about Life’s Flix you can visit them at

            Check out many samples of Life’s Flix competed videos at:

What’s More Fun Than a Helicat???

 …..A Helicat on Lake Tapps!!!

Helicat in Action


And what is a Helicat you might ask?  It is best explained by a friend of mine Sandy Williamson..”The HeliCat 22 is a highPerformance  two-person catamaran — great for stable & safe, fun, fast, economical and practical water travel, island transport, fishing far away, or day charter/rental. Wrap her with your company logo & photos for eye-catching and fun advertising on and off the water. Open air feel and thrill like a motorcycle but without the traffic danger! Goes 20-30 mph in whitecap waves at 5 mpg–not possible in other boats.

The new design makes this cool-looking, lightweight, stable and agile catamaran safe in rough seas, and a lot of fun with good fuel economy and low maintenance. She corners flat like a rocket on a rail. She is virtually unsinkable due to a combination of positive foam flotation and separate watertight compartments.

At speeds from 20-40, she burns only 4-10 gph, getting 5 to 3.5 miles per gallon, which is unusually good for a boat that can handle rough water. Combined with her stability, it makes commuting on the water reasonably economical.”

You can get more information on Helicats as well as view many more videos and pictures at

Helicat  Helicat riding the wake

Helicat with 2 passengers