Home Buying … Simplified

For most of us, a home is the largest purchase of our lives, so be sure you’re educated about the current process, whether you’re ready to buy your first home, your last home or anything in between. These tips are mostly focused on Pierce County real estate, but they will most definitely help you buy a home in any city or state. Also, please be sure to seek the advice of a real estate professional in your community of interest for information specific to a certain area.

The Home Buying Process: A Four Part Series

Prequalify, research and define – before you ever get in the car to look at a home.

It’s much easier than you think to get prequalified for a loan – it takes literally minutes, and good lenders will be responsive and informative along the way.

Let us help you sort through the enormous amounts of online information to find the best homes quicker to eliminate homes that won’t fit your needs. This is a valuable time-saver to you when preparing to buy a home.

Something to note for house shopping – we are able to show you any listings you’d like to see, not just Keller Williams properties.

The number one piece of advice we hear past clients telling current clients is “be patient.” Buying a home is a process, not an activity that happens in one day. Sometimes you fall in love with a home, and ultimately don’t get it for any number of reasons,  and end up finding a much better one in the end. There is a lot of paperwork to fill out, documents to gather, and questions to answer, so be sure to allow yourself time in your schedule for the home buying process. Get a babysitter if possible for important appointments with your lender or realtor so you can focus with your full attention.

Be flexible, willing to look at a house

Offer & Negotiate

One of the most valuable assets we bring to the table are years of negotiating skills, aimed at helping you make educated choices on your largest purchase. We negotiate hard to keep as much money in your pocket as possible, and to get you the best price on a home. We work hard to make the transaction easy for you. Contact us today!

Much of the home buying process happens after you select and enter into a contract on a listing. We will contact Title and Escrow, review documents, communicate deadlines and assist you in filling out necessary paperwork. Our clients say that we are incredibly easy to work with and consistently rank us as exceeding their expectations for fast answers and communication during the process from contract through closing.

Buying Real Estate With the Heidi North Homes Team

Buyers receive friendly attention, no-pressure service and red carpet treatment when buying a home with the Heidi North Homes team.

Services are free to buyers

In-depth buyer needs analysis to create a clear strategy on YOUR timeline

Buyer specialists part of the team, allowing you to have access to view homes literally 7 days/week

Expert knowledge of the local area to save you time on your home search

Negotiation on your behalf to save you money on your new home

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